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Trinh Nguyen & Partners is a boutique legal practice meeting international standards.  We focus on providing legal solution our clients' problems and deliver productive and timely outcomes. We are proud to be trusted business advisors who together with your in-house counsels to build legal strategy for your business in Vietnam. We earn your trust by delivery of client satisfaction on timing advice tailored to the commercial objectives of our clients.  We are distinctive by constructing our innovative legal solutions based on our intimate understanding of our clients' industry and our expertise in specialized areas of law such as resources, construction, real estate development.  We proudly choose to be boutique in size so as to provide our clients' with personable and value advice.

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Trinh gained admission at the Supreme Court of Victoria and Australia and worked at prestigous Australian law firms.
Accompanied with the President of Ho Chi Minh City Bar Association, Ms Trinh Nguyen has attended the POLA conference 2009 held in late July 2009 in Seoul.  This is the anual conference where the presidents of bar association discussed in depth the role of the bar associations in policy and law making process in their respective countries.
Ms Trinh Nguyen took her mediation skills up the next level and explored the new era of applicability of mediation to settle investment disputes

To enhance our strength and diversify our areas of practice, TNP forms alliance with local and foreign firms for resources pooling.

TNP, hereby, would like to announce the affiliation with VLT lawyers, a local firm that houses high profile experts.  From now, the firm’s clients will benefit from the expertise of Mr. Luong Van Ly - Senior Advisor, whose experience in State administration and negotiation skills was accumulated over his long tenure as Vice Director of Department for Foreign Affairs and Department of Planning and Investment. This alliance formation will provide the clients of both firms with great supports in infrastructure projects.

Ngày 03/01/2014, Chính phủ đã ban hành nghị định số 01/2014/NĐ-CP thay thế Nghị định số 69/2007/NĐ-CP trong lĩnh vực nhà đầu tư nước ngoài mua cổ phần của tổ chức tín dụng Việt Nam. Dưới dây là một số điểm nổi bật.

Theo quy định của pháp luật Doanh nghiệp hiện hành con dấu của doanh nghiệp phải được cơ quan nhà nước có thẩm quyền cấp với một chuẩn chung về hình thức, mẫu và nội dung con dấu.

Trong xu thế hội nhập và phát triển hiện nay, việc giao lưu hợp tác và làm việc với các doanh nghiệp, lao động nước ngoài ngày càng gia tăng. Tác giả xin lưu ý các doanh nghiệp có sử dụng người lao động nước ngoài các vấn đề được nêu ra dưới đây.