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VO NHU PHUONG- Associate

 Tel: +(84 8) 38246172/3
 Fax: +(84 8) 38246173
 Website: www.tnp-law.com

Phuong obtained the LL.B in 2007 and has been with Trinh Nguyen & Partners since then. Phuong is very definite in her career goals and certain on how to achieve such set goals of being a good business lawyer. As part of her approach, Phuong selects a boutique law firm to start her career with the view to benefit from direct supervision of lead partner of the firm in the areas of their expertise.

At Trinh Nguyen & Partners, Phuong has been assigned to assist the lead partner in researching for client matters ranging from corporate advisory to contractual drafting and contractual disputes.  Phuong has been exposed to the construction and land law practices areas of the firm. She was involved in the Saigon M & C Tower Project, Vietcom bank Tower, an acquisition transaction of a newly established communication company by a top ten security bank in Russia.  As a project assistant, she attended most meetings for the preparation course for construction contracts.

Phuong’s enthusiasm, eagerness and strong work ethics will place her in good stead for future success in the legal arena in Vietnam. Phuong is an outgoing sociable person whose philosophy is “work hard and play hard”. Phuong enjoys the challenges that the work brings to her and use her social skills to actively listen to colleague and clients and quickly identify issues facing the clients. 

Phuong expects to obtain her practising certificate in 2010.