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Dr. PHAN HUY HONG, Partner

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(Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Laws at the University of Leipzig, Managing Editor at Legal Science Review)

Dr Phan was educated in Germany and has practiced law there for 18 years. In 2001 he wanted more challenges and a change of environment, as a result he returned to Ho Chi Minh City accepting a lecturing position at the Law University of Ho Chi Minh City. During this time he has also acted as a consultant in his areas of expertise which includes competition law, corporate law and securities regulations and commercial law.

Previous to his relocation to Ho Chi Minh City, Dr Hong has acted as in house counsel for reputable corporate company Halle Anhalt-Saxony in Germany. In 1995 up until he relocated to Vietnam, Dr Hong worked as an Attorney at Law in Leipzig (Germany).

Dr Hong brings his wealth of his knowledge and experience to Trinh Nguyen & Partners. As a partner of the firm he has built up a capable and close knit team with extraordinary passion, drive and integrity will deliver top quality advice to help domestic and foreign clients tackle their legal issues whilst doing business in Vietnam.

Currently, Dr. Hong is advising a large national company on an issue relating to restraint on competition. The case will serve as a test case in examining the effect of the new Competition Law. He is fluent in German, English and Vietnamese.

 Dr. Phan Huy Hong has published numerous legal articles at various legal journals. More details:

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