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Vietnam’s economy is commented as the most rapidly developing market second only to China. It is evident that there is a strong link between Vietnam economic growth and infrastructure development. In the last few years, Vietnam witnesses a boom in infrastructure development.  More and more commercial buildings and utilities projects are constructed with the engagement of foreign expertise in the area.  Vietnamese project owners, who engage foreign financiers, investors, contractors and consultants in their projects, sometimes face unnecessary tension and potential disputes due to the lack of understanding of the international and Vietnamese practice of the industry.

Normally foreign partners and contractors propose to base their contractual arrangement on the international model contract covering most circumstances which may occur during the project life. On the other hand, Vietnamese project owners prefer much simpler contract. 

With international exposure and insight into local legal requirements, our local attorneys and foreign consultants at Trinh Nguyen & Partners know how to bridge these gaps to secure a successful negotiation.

On the front end, we help with:

•    Preparation of tender package
•    Advice on public Tender proc4dure
•    Contract drafting
•    Representing the parties to negotiate the contract

Whether you are project owner, a contractor, a consultant or a financier, our comprehensive advice on local law and international practice in this particular industry would guide you through the complexity of the contractual negotiation and contract drafting.

We provide full spectrum of legal services for construction/infrastructure projects ranging from supply contract, Design and Construction (D&C), engineering procurement project (EPC), consultant contracts.  We also provide advice on contract administration.

Ms Trinh Nguyen, our lead lawyer, an qualified lawyer from Australia and Vietnam used to head construction practice of another a leading Vietnamese firm where she has gained unique expertise in the field, having advised:
      •     Coca Cola in chartering  the aircrafts for VIP delegation to attend corporate summit meeting in Vietnam;
      •     Cement Ha Tien on a procurement package;
      •     High Tech Park on a turn key EPC Project to build a high tech laboratory;
      •     Blue Scope Steel and Blue Scope Buildings in reviewing all commercial, EPC contracts with their clients in Vietnam;
      •     China State Engineering and Construction for their contractual issues in numerous projects.
      •     Hyundai Mobis for various contractual matters in relation to the water plant.

We continue to build new client tails and earn reputation in this area.  In particular:

      •    Advise Saigon M&C, a progressive real estate developing group, and represented them in negotiating the first  Design &              Construction (D&C )  contract in Ho Chi Minh City with an international contractor, Bouige Baitement International for             building of one of the  highest building in town to date.
      •    Prepare consortium agreement for a group of reputed international contractors and the Consultancy Contract with             Vietcombank for a prestige up coming building in town.
      •    Provide strategic advice to a multi national group, Arup Ove & Partners, a reknowned engineering group in the world and             assist them in building risk management strategy and reviewing the contractual issues so as to efficiently prevent             contractual disputes.
      •    Provide legal assistance to an international interior designer in drafting a contract with one of the owner of Vinpearl for             one of his projects in Hanoi.
      •    Advise reputed Japanese contractor Kurihara, Australian engineering company (Indochine Engineering Vietnam) on a             regular basis to draft and review his contract.
      •    Provide legal assistance Conic group, a large national developer in forming a design contract with international architect.

On the back end, we assist our client in building risk management strategies, negotiation to settle the disputes outside of courts.

Together with our substantial experience in this area of law, our personable services and appreciation of the unique of each transaction has enabled us to effectively counsel our clients in their projects, balancing the legal requirement and industrial practice/approach for the best interests of our clients.