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As a communication company, you would always wish to amaze your clients by launching creative and impressive advertising or public relation events.   Our challenge is to help you to achieve you target with minimal risks and minimal adverse impact legal wise.
More specifically, as your lawyers, we would screen your advertising materials to ensure that you are in compliance with laws and legislation governing advertising, competition and intellectual property while achieving the ultimate business objectives

We could also help to construct appropriate legal disclaimers and protection from information leak or loss or unauthorized use of information by third parties.  Where your rights are infringed, we could assist you to make valid claims for compensation against the infringers.

Our lawyers have gained experiences in assisting multinational clients in their advertising promotion campaign sensitive industries such as tobacco, wine and beverages.  

Our services to you include:

Confidentiality and disclaimer
  • Which suits your industry.
  • Advising celebrities on privacy issues and defamation
  • Assisting in making valid claims for passing off, infringement of copy rights and third parties’unauthorized use of personal information or images for advertising purposes.